Personalized work


I made multi-use shapes for Fien that she uses to exhibit her handmade jewelry. All different shapes have been given a specific texture so that they complement the interior.

I also made vases for the shop, in the same atmosphere as the 'Esspresso cup' . With some patience and delicate turning work I create the fine lines.

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I have made this porcelain vase with the utmost care and dedication. The names of two beloved souls are engraved in the vase, two precious memories that have been given a place in this piece. First I engraved the names in the porcelain and afterwards I filled it with a green color.

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I made these cups for the breakfast/lunch bar 'Walvis'. I colored the cups with blue pigment and when your sauce or drink runs out, an incredibly cute whale appears.

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Tea and coffee bags, plates, bowls, bowls, vases, etc. Are you also interested in handmade ceramics in your business? Contact me for more information and quotes. Together we look at what can make your business unique.